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What is an IP address?

It stands for "Internet protocol address." IP addresses are numbers assigned to network interfaces of the computer. Mostly we use names refer to what we're looking on the Internet, eg .: computers translate these names to numerical addresses so that they can send data to the right place. So when I sent an e-mail, visit the website, or participate in a video conference, the computer sends data packets to an IP address at the other end of the connection and receives packets destined for its own IP address.

Why do we need IP addresses?

IP addresses are numbers that allow you to our computers, servers, phones, cameras, printers, etc. Communicate with each other. Without IP addresses, we would have to manually copy data from device to device, using CDs, DVDs, hard drives and flash memory such as USB memory. But more importantly, our device could not send data to each other without human intervention. Without the IP addresses assigned to our computers, we would have to send letters and paper notes instead of sending e-mails. A streaming video would be impossible. Without IP addresses we will not be able to order items online, and we have to go to stores to buy them in person.

What is the difference between a private IP address and a unique IP address?

Private addresses are the addresses that people use in private networks as well as in many home and office networks. At the protocol level, there is no difference between private and public addresses but organizationally addresses are different. Private addresses can be used only in one area and not in a larger network which is the Internet. This is because private addresses are intended for use by everyone. You could say that is the address of the block of private addresses if:

  • Starts 10th (ie through
  • It begins with 172.16. through 172.31
  • It starts from 192.168

Private addresses are by default used in many network devices plug'n'play. Unique addresses differ only in their distribution is managed by the registrars.

If your computer is assigned a private address, you can still access services over the Internet. These computer is probably behind another network device known as NAT (Network Address Translation) NAT allows multiple computers to share a single unique IP address.

How many IP addresses can I use?

Usually one apartment uses one assigned a unique IP address and then uses a block of private addresses for each computer, printer, console or smartphone. But when this address is assigned to the connection we use a public address. There are about 3.7 billion addresses available for connecting to the Internet.